Decided to formally cancel the above project, which was an API-based service with very small potential market anyway. I’d intended to use it to help automate my Ten Things I Found newsleter slightly, but then A. Found out the Integromat does actually have a mustache (javascript template library) module anyway, which I hadn’t spotted before….

Build vs Buy

Working in enterprise situations, you hear a lot about build vs buy: is it cheaper to create an IT solution yourself, or buy-in a solution from a third-party. It’s not always down to cost, obviously – other factors apply like requirements, security, privacy, integration into other systems, how solid the supplier is etc.

But ultimately, those are the two options. And they apply as much to the indiehacker community as to the enterprise one.

Keep reading for an example:

App Security

So last night I did the cardinal sin: I committed my AWS access details to a public repo on Github. Fortunately, Github picked it up within a few minutes, and I immediately logged in and deleted those keys in AWS. I’ll fix the repo later. Two lessons learned: Don’t do it. As soon as you…