Build vs Buy, Part 2

In the previous post, I mentioned that I was looking into Bitrise for building the iOS and Android apps for Notifium. I’m still working on that.

My conclusion is that Bitrise is a great tool. It’s based around workflows, each of which consists of a number of steps carrying out the build activity for your application (whether it’s a mobile app, web app, or installed application). And you can can add whatever steps are required – they have many preconfigured ones that Bitrise create, some created by third parties (as always, read the small print), as well as more open “scripting” steps where you can put in whatever code you want.

But it’s not always easy to debug what’s happening. For example, when you build an iOS app, each app’s project file has one or more “schemes”. I’ve no idea currently what they are, but I need to pick one. Bitrise doesn’t display the available ones, so I can’t even guess or just try each one in turn.

So I’ve rented a virtual mac just to help me do this. I can copy the project across, open Xcode, view the schemes, and copy them into Bitrise.

Which still rejects the scheme name.

And that’s a perfect example of why the subtitle of this blog is “Trials And Tribulations Of Being An Indiehacker”…

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