Building A Quick Glide App

I had an idea for something I could build quickly in Glide today, so I set about building it. The full story is on twitter here.

What’s interesting about this is how quickly that was done. 45 minutes from creating the Google Sheet to having a working mobile app (well, a PWA).

That’s pretty damn impressive.

OK, I know Glideapps is designed to support a very specific data structure, and has a limited range of things you can do with it (CRUD basically), but as I also tweeted today:

I think I might use Glide more in future for these easy-come, easy-go situations.

I’m not going to make any money from this app (although in theory I could look at direct or indirect monetization – through asking for a fee to list the apps, or placing ads for my own products and services, or selling advertising space, or building a mailing list – I don’t think it’s useful enough to attract a great deal of traffic.

So for now, I’ll just let it sit on the Glideapps subdomain and keep updating the content when I find new things, or responding to the suggestions that people can place in the app.

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