Project Description Status
Notifium Still building this. It’s the Big One (I hope). In development
Your Idea Machine This is a tool that systemizes an approach I use to help generate or enrich ideas. It works, but there’s a database of raw triggers in it, that I am in the process of tidying up. The idea behind this is to release a series of reports under the Your Idea Machine brand, and use them to build a list and in turn promote my future products. It's running on a temporary subdomain for now. Live
Icon Generator I needed a quick-and-dirty (and free) icon generator. I couldn’t find one, so I built it. It’s free to use. I generated the logo for this site with it. I might turn this into a lead generation tool, but keep it free. Live This is a simple API that allows you to provide it with a set of data and a template, and it will return the final output with the data parsed into the template. I needed it to work with TenThingsIFound. I’m going to make it more widely available, but I know there won’t be a huge demand for it.

Cancelled as I no longer need it, and the minimal market anyway.
Ten Things I Found This will be two weekly-ish newsletters, one aimed at the indie hacker crowd, one aimed at the personal development crowd, to help build an audience in those two areas for future development. There’s a fair degree of automation involved, so I may open up a small number of slots in non-competing areas. In development
Market In Public
Here, instead of sharing my building progress, I'm sharing my marketing results. Hopefully, it means I'll actually do some. Live
Build In Public This site, obviously. I hope you’re enjoying it. Live
Tool comparison site There are two main tools that I like for a particular service, and they both have affiliate programs. So I’m going to create a simple landing page that compares the two tools, offers suggestions for where one is better than the other, etc, and have a blog where I re-share updates from the two services, ideas, experiences, etc, to get some SEO-love. Pending
Rapid Static Find out more here Cancelled
Find No Codes This is a simple tool to help you find other apps that fit into the ecosystem for Notion, Stripe, Carrd, Weblow, etc Live A small service as an MVP, allowing Outseta users to offer Paddle payments rather than Stripe, thus sorting out all international tax issues. In development Another Outseta-related tool (initially), allowing simple admin-style data management wrapped within Outseta's user authentication capability. In development
Hot Code Push An attempt to update a long-retired open source project, after Microsoft cancelled their equivalent free service. But it's too complex for me to spend time on. Cancelled
TwentyTwentyTwenty A nocode, 2-hours to build project that's helping me protect my aging eyesight. Live