Finally, An App Framework

I’ve tried a number of times to create a SAAS framework app. Something that takes care of:

  • Authentication (user registration, email verification, social login, password reminders, roles and permissions)
  • User self-service (profile/settings/configuration, subscriptions, one-off purchases, invoice downloads)
  • Site administration (configuration)
  • User administration (ability for users to manage their own dataset in the app)

I’ve been through various frameworks written in node, and continually hit issues. I’ve bought a couple of apps in node and PHP which claimed to do the above, and hit issues. There are some that seem to be great, but they’re too expensive to keep buying for every little idea I’ve got, so I’ve not looked at them.

But I’ve got there at last due to Laravel, FilamentAdmin and some of it’s core plugins, Forge for hosting, and Eventy for something very similar to WordPress hooks to fill a few gaps in the usual Laravel package capabilities.

Time to get cracking on building out some sites!

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