Cancelling Cordova Hot Code Push

Given the recent announcement that Microsoft are retiring their “code push” functionality for Cordova (the ability to have live updates to mobile apps built on the Cordova platform, without going through the app store), I thought I’d dust off an old open-source project and make it available for other other indiehackers like me.

Android: Took about two days to get working.

iOS: Couldn’t even get a basic app built.

Dear god, I hate Apple with a passion. Their products are expensive, they’re overly complicated, they’re too ring-fenced for the Apple ecosystem, they are limited in ways that make no sense (Oh, so you want iTunes for two different users on one laptop – uh-uh), and I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to reset my kids’ phones passwords.

Yes, they have iphones.

No, I was not involved in that decision. Blame my good lady.

So I’m cancelling this project as well. If I don’t have the technical chops to get a basic app built, I certainly can’t get the hot code push working.

Shame. But I don’t have the time, energy, or desire to disappear down that particular rabbit hole, as it’s way deeper than I thought it was.

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