Time for a new quick-win project.

The idea is one I’ve been wanting for my own sites, and I couldn’t find anything to match.

It’ll offer a simple widget that pops up on your sites, but rather than being an all-singing, all-dancing customer comms/support/chat/helpdesk widget, it’ll have one function:

Take a message, a name, and an email, and route it to a webhook.

That’s it (OK, with an anti-spam facility as well).

Nice and simple. Nice and cheap.

I’ve already registered the above domain (thanks to learndomainsearch.com , which generated over a dozen potential domain names in 10 minutes).

DNS is set up via Namecheap and Cloudflare already, and email via Fastmail.

I’ll be using my Laravel-based framework to set up the site.

One issue, the big bugaboo, is payments. Stripe is easy to set up, but don’t sort out tax. I have an accountant as I work in IT contracting for my day job, but I don’t think they’re geared up for tiny amounts of international tax payments. And Paddle, who I’m otherwise happy with, aren’t really ready for these small, quick, and dirty side projects.

Hmm. Something to think about. I’ll probably go live for free from day 1 whilst I ruminate.

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