One Of *Those* Weeks

So I’ve been adding some logging to the Notifium app, and thought I’d do it properly so I can get logs into a central point from the mobile devices. The logging services are great, and can add a lot of context (eg, device types, device IDs) to help understand what’s going on.

One of those features is the ability to upload the source code (or more accurately, source maps) so that the logged error is shown in the logging service with a trace of exactly where the code happens.

Cue me spending the best part of 2 days trying to get the sourcemaps working.

2 days.

I gave up, and thought I’d work on something different for a bit.

So I dusted off an idea I had for a little tool to help with Twitter usage on the mobile phone, and thought I’d get the Twitter auth and API call set up.

Another day later, I’m no further forward. I’ve used social auth before, many times, but not via Twitter.

Dear god. What a mess.

Hats off to Tony Dinh who has not only managed the auth side of things with twitter, but written an amazing tool which then uses Twitter’s API.

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