Starting Afresh

I’d originally set up this site a few months back, intending to use it to share my own thoughts and experiences on building in public, and also to promote a newsletter to share info about other creators starting their own build in public projects.

However, just as I did so, the BIP space seemed to EXPLODE. There were dozens of people (that I came across, and many more that I’m sure I didn’t) starting new projects every day. However, some were creating software products, some created business services, some were writing articles, and so on.

It was taking me too much time to sort through those. And sadly, even when I did, it was obvious that many people started sharing their journey but very, very quickly gave up.

So I stopped the newsletter. It required too much effort, which took the joy out of it.

But I kept on building. Building too many things if I’m honest, so my main project, Notifium, is still “nearly there”. And yes, I’ve been saying that for QUITE A LONG TIME.

So this site is an attempt to share my trials and tribulations, sometimes technical, sometimes process-based, sometimes emotional, sometimes embarrassing.

I’m hoping you’ll find something useful.

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