When It’s OK To Quit.

I had an idea a while back, after seeing another report of a wide-spread WordPress hack being used.

That idea was to stop using WordPress. So I looked at quite a few static site generators, as I still wanted an updating site (ie, a blog), and also fixed pages (like landing pages, subscription confirmation page, etc).

But the static site generators are crap for getting a decent theme.

And I had three tools (NicePage, PineGrow, and Mobirise) for generating fixed pages, but they don’t do dynamic ones.

And it occurred to me that WordPress did have static site generation plugins or services available, so I looked into those. In theory, they would give me the perfect combination of the WordPress admin side of things, which is great, with the security and speed of a static site.

But the WordPress static site generation services that I could find would still need a WP install on the internet to work from, and that WP install was still a security risk, albeit not to the main domain running on the static site.

Then I realised that if I could find a way to spin up the WP instance and take it down again once I’ve finished rebuilding the site after any updates, that would be ideal. Secure (as WP wouldn’t actually be running except for a few minutes here and there whilst I was adding content) and fast (as the domain would resolve to the static generated site).

So I built a solution. It was ropey, held together with duct tape, and only worked for one domain, but it worked. It was still slow, but that’s a restriction with all similar services, due to the way WordPress works, unfortunately.

Obviously, I then thought if I could find a way to make this a user-friendly service, I’ve got a little side-line I could develop into a source of income, rather than a cost.

Then I encountered HardyPress, where this site is hosted.

And I cancelled my plans. They do everything I planned and more. Why spend all that time on creating a service which, in the end, might not generate any income, when I can pay $20 a month for all the sites I need?

Sometimes, it’s OK to quit.

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